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Yep. I almost got “rained” upon.

When leaving my doctor’s appointment yesterday in Augusta, I got quite a surprise.

I have seen it all. Really. Went under an overpass when leaving Dr. M’s office. Traffic was stopped so as I sat there, I saw a man up on the overpass. He climbed up on the edge, dropped his pants, and as I passed under him, my windshield was covered in some type of liquid. If I had not watched him drop his drawers, I would have thought he spilled his cup of tea. I think it is safe to assume that my car did not get sprayed with Lipton’s Sweet Tea.   Geez. Lord, get me back to Home Sweet Home. Hurry.

I had posted the above on my Facebook wall after I got home and got quite a few comments about how I should have stopped and called 911.  Maybe I should have, but that thought never crossed my mind.  I was just so shocked at the fact that someone would actually stand up there and urinate on cars passing below.  I mean, who does that?  Evidently, this nut does.

As another friend mentioned, it was quite the appropriate ending to a painful appointment.  I should have expected it.

~~ Betty