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Isn’t “if” a powerful word?  It can easily lead us in two different directions – to the future or to our troubled past.  One path to which we can experience good things or one path in which we blame ourselves for all this has gone wrong for us.

“If I can save just $100 more, we can take that day-trip to the mountains to see the leaves changing colors.”  “If I study hard, I can make 100 on this test and really succeed in this class.”  “If you can help me finish up these mashed potatoes, supper will be ready.”  These “ifs” can lead us to good things.  In these instances, we are using the word “if” to plan and to look forward to something.

However, the word “if” can also be used to take us back to our pasts where things were not good.  “If I had been a better wife, my marriage would still be intact.”  “If I had been a better daughter, my father would not have been abusive.”  “If I had only studied, I could have passed the test.”  “If I had only listened to my friends, I would not have been hurt by the jerk.”  These “ifs” are full of recrimination and blame and guilt.

I got to thinking about this today when I read a friend’s blog.  On Ten Thousand Angels Repurpose Driven Life, Peggy Mercer talks about how important it is for us to work to get what we want out of our lives.  She talks about planting seeds and watching a forest grow.  That forest, in my mind, can only be grown by using the “if” word correctly.  We must use it to make plans and to then do something to make those plans come true.

To have what you want in life takes a ton more than dreaming and whiling away the hours thinking or pondering your next move.   Train your thoughts. EVERY positive thought results in some kind of action (or inaction)…Make your thoughts stand up and take notice, positive and beautiful and wonderful thinking leads somewhere and negative thinking leads nowhere.  As I said yesterday on my Twitter stream, if life throws you for a loop make a full circle and come back.  If life throws you lemons, start squeezin…and always give God the Glory.  ~~~ Peggy

I love to read Peggy’s words — they are always full of hope and positive vibes.  She truly believes that helping others is her mission in life and she follows through.  Good for you, Peggy.  Keep on planting those seeds and watching your forest grow.  There are many who are profiting from your seeds.  Although I cannot always be as positive as Peggy, I do take notice of her positivity and I strive to follow through.


THOUGHTS ABOUT MY THOUGHTS:  I do know the power of positive thinking and I strive to rid myself of negative thoughts each time one comes into my mind. Far too many times, I am not successful but I continue to work toward that goal.  I just have to remember to keep on working on it and not give in or give up.

~~~ Betty