Depression, Mental Health

Just the Right Time

I almost have no words.

Sandra was always so good about buying gifts ahead of time; I wish I had been like her in that respect.  I’m always running around on Christmas Eve looking for that “one last present.”  Sandra’s son, Will, stopped by today to say that they’ve been going though closets and that he’d found presents for KaKa and me that Sandra had evidently bought early.



Thank you, Sandra.  I guess you paid attention all those times when I fussed about needing a calendar — never did buy one, though.  And know that my ornament will always hang on the mantle under Sonja’s picture.  I love you.

Now, I think I need a drink and all I have is Diet Coke and a 5-year old beer in the fridge.   Does beer go bad?  I will get KaKa’s presents to her.

THOUGHTS ABOUT MY THOUGHTS:  I don’t know what I’m thinking; I am not worth a darn right now.

TODAY’S FEELINGS BAROMETER:  Where is the light?  I can’t see it from down here.

~~~ Betty