Mental Health, Motivational Mondays

Can Anyone Be A Motivator?

Many people will leave this universe without a trace because they never took it upon themselves to discover their talents, their abilities, or why they are here.  I do not want to be one of these people.  I know I am here for a reason.  Maybe, just maybe, being a motivator for you is that reason.  It has been said that what we see and hear in the first 20 minutes of our day will dictate the type of day you will have.  (For those of you who cannot function without coffee, perhaps we may need to change this a bit — should it be the first 20 minutes AFTER you’ve had your coffee fix?)  What can we each do upon waking that will ensure that our day will be a productive one?  What can we each do upon waking that will ensure that we are a motivation for others?  Could it be meditation, reading our Bible, listening to some type of motivational audio, writing in a journal, or perhaps reaching out to someone?  Can a kind word, a smile, a joke to make someone laugh, or just a hello to someone in need be what we need as well as what they might need?

In this fast-paced world in which many of us seem to be attached to Facebook, Twitter, or some other form of social media, do we take the time to make it personal or do we collectively live in the lives of others by watching from the sidelines?  Do we take the time out of each day to single out someone for something that will make them smile or feel better?

7-Day Motivational Challenge

I challenge each of my Facebook friends who reads this to try a little experiment — select 5 people each day from your Friends List and post just one thing to their wall that will bring a smile to them.  Do this for a week and see how it makes you feel.  I’ll be willing to bet that we all feel better about ourselves.  It can be as simple as thanking them for a kind deed, complimenting them on something they have done, or maybe just letting them know that you are thinking of them.  Challenge them to choose 5 of their friends and do the same.  Don’t you wonder what something like this might do?  Not only will it make us each feel better, don’t you think it could possibly change social media, or at least what we see on our personal pages?  It seems as though my Facebook page is filled with criticism, put-downs, derogatory posts, and just plain meanness.   I wonder if we can change it.  It’s worth a try, isn’t it?  What do you say?  Let’s see what we can each do to become a motivator to each other.

Are you willing to accept the challenge?  I hope so.