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Sometimes We Ask Why

A year ago a teenager in the small town where my children grew up took her life.  Much has happened in that town in the past year.  Parents, grandparents, and a sibling grieved along with family members and close family friends.  Adults and children cried; they got angry; they held onto each other; and they asked — Why?

As in most cases, we may never know the real Why.  But, we can watch what has happened in this last year and we may come to a conclusion.  We have seen a town rally around a grieving mother and brother.  We have seen teenagers begin to understand what life is about.  We have seen young and old hearts touched.  We have seen movements begun to help us all remember #SweetCaroline and to hopefully combat suicide.  We have come to understand the importance of organ donation.  We have seen many turn to the Lord to understand.  We have seen those who have contemplated suicide in the past have their eyes opened.  And with each of these things, we still see her smile each time we are touched.

Through Facebook posts and through my family who still lives there, I have watched the townspeople and the teenagers do things to make sure that Caroline would never be forgotten. As I was looking at Senior pictures today for my grandson, I was again reminded of #SweetCaroline.  In this picture, you will see that my grandson still keeps one of Caroline’s pictures with him in his vehicle.

We ask ourselves why people take their own lives. Sometimes it is so that others will cherish their own.  #SweetCaroline  Know. Your. Worth.

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