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Please Be Careful of What You Say

As we head into 2019, I have become truly troubled today by someone’s post in our local prayer group that I administer. And that breaks my heart.

A member of our group had posted asking for prayers for her child who is struggling during this holiday season with depression. So very many people truly struggle during this time of the year. We are bombarded on television, by friends, family, social media and everywhere we go and everything we do, reminding everyone that we are in the midst of a “happy, wonderful, joyous time of the year”. Sadly, that is not true for many. As I had posted a couple of weeks ago, this time of the year is a true challenge for many, for so many reasons. They are reminded of times past when things were good, when they had good health, when they watched the joys and fun of the season through the eyes of young children. These people may now have severe medical problems, be alone, have financial problems, or perhaps they may suffer from clinical depression. Any or all of these aspects can create real problems for these people. We cannot take their struggles lightly; not if we care. Not if we are God-fearing people who strive to understand this disease. You see, Clinical Depression is not just feeling sad. It’s not just feeling lonely. It’s not just not having enough faith. It is a MEDICAL problem. It’s like having cancer, or diabetes, or heart problems. It’s having a chemical imbalance in your brain. This chemical imbalance needs treatment, just as the cancer, diabetes, or heart problems need. Do you tell someone with cancer to forget their doctors, that their medicine or treatments is not necessary? No, you don’t. Not if you care.

While I truly believe in the mighty power of God, that does not mean that I can turn everything over to Him and not do my part. God can work miracles. God does work miracles. But, God expects us to do our part. Our faith, our healing, our salvation is not automatic. It takes us to do our part.

It is my belief that one of God’s miracles is in giving us doctors and therapists and medicine to help, heal, and cure our bodies from diseases. It is my belief that if God did not intend for us to use these doctors, therapists, and medicine, He would not have made them possible.

And, that is my problem. We had a member in our group tell others (in a response to the mother who had asked for prayer) that doctors and medicine are useless in treating depression. He stated that we just need to contact him for help in healing our depression because through his faith, he had been able to heal his depression. I’m certainly not going to say that God did not heal him. But, I do wonder if this gentleman suffered from Clinical Depression or perhaps just from a mood disorder. I have no idea. Many people call many things “depression”. Only a doctor can tell you if you actually suffer from Clinical Depression or not. Can God heal depression? Of course, He can. Does He always do so? Well, does He always cure our loved ones of cancer? Does He always make our hearts work correctly? Does He snap His fingers and cure people of drug or alcohol dependency? No, He doesn’t. He can, but He does not always do so. He expects us to do our part. Am I going to stop praying to God for healing? No, but I’m not giving up my meds, either.

I believe that it is wrong for us, especially in a prayer group, to advise others to give up their doctor, to give up their medicine, and to ONLY believe that he and God are going to cure you. You may say, but, Betty, where better than in a prayer group to tell people to trust in God? That’s my problem. I do trust God. But, I also trust His gift of doctors. I tried not to answer this member’s comment because of the pure anger I was feeling about it (and yes, I admit that I was angry that he had told that to people and I have spoken to God about it) but in my heart, I had to ask him to please not advise others to give up their doctors and medicine. I hope I was respectful. I hope I was kind. I hope I was correct in doing so. I had hoped that he would understand. By his reply, I don’t think he did.

I have spoken my peace and explained my actions and have prayed for the mother and her child who is suffering. I have prayed for the millions of others, including myself, who struggle with any health-related concerns. I have asked God to continue to grant us His blessings and thanked Him for His many blessings we have received. I hope I have done my part.

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