I have spent Thanksgiving with my son and just crawled into bed. Something told me to check Facebook before going to sleep. I saw a message from someone, not familiar with the name, and almost overlooked it.

Come to find out, it is from a niece on my mom’s side. I had written about mom having had a daughter who she had lost in a court case of some type. Well, Joan Edith’s daughter has somehow found me on FB and we have connected somewhat. Mind you, this has been done with me totally in the dark, tapping on my phone with one finger. LOL. So, no telling what will pop up.

I just couldn’t wait to share the news. While it’s not quite the message I have been hoping to receive, it is an amazing message just the same. I now have a sister and a niece and who knows who else to get to know. Quite a Thanksgiving, if I say so myself.

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