Depression, Mental Health

Go Forth and “Be”

The following popped up on my Facebook memories today and I felt it was worth sharing here.  I had written this last year for a dear friend who was going through a rough patch and was feeling less than worthy.
September 4, 2016
This is for my friend (you know who you are) who needs to hear this loudly and clearly:

Put on your Big Girl Panties so you can own this. 
Put on your Mr. Magoo glasses so you can read this.
Put on your biggest pair of Mickey Mouse ears so you can hear what I’m saying.


Yes, sometimes life sucks. 
Yes, sometimes some people suck. 
No, life is not always (and sometimes is never) Fair.


Neither you nor I are on the list of “suckers” or “suckees”.

I don’t care who thinks we are. 
They don’t know Jack Squat.

AND, one day…….

Life will be grand. 
Life wIll be great.
Life will be fun. 
But, it still won’t be Fair. It will Never be Fair.

But, you won’t give a rat’s patooty. 
I won’t give a rat’s patooty.

We will just “Be”. 
And we haven’t done that in a while. 
But, we will both love just “Being.”
Trust Me.

So….hang on. 
Get tough. Get mean. Get ready. 
‘Cause it’s gonna be good, my friend. 
It’s gonna be good.

Now, on top of all that wisdom, remember the most important thing–

When you don’t (or can’t) trust yourself, dad-gum it, just trust Me.

‘Cause I’m here and I love you and I won’t steer you down the wrong path. (Forget those times that I’ve already done that. They don’t count.)

Now, go forth and BE. 
Darn it, don’t you DARE quit BEING!!!


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