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Is Faith the Answer?

While reading a post today on Slay Girl Society  written by a guest contributor, Tanya Mathieu,  I came across a very interesting article about tools that Tanya uses to help her through rough times.  She speaks of Perspective, Faith, and Nutrition.  I was especially interested in her outlook on Faith.

Faith is something that I have struggled with as far as my depression goes.  I have been told by so many people to just “turn it over to God” and He will remove my depression.  I have a problem with this.  In fact, I have a problem when anyone says to turn anything totally over to God.  It is quite possible that I am totally wrong in my thoughts and in my Faith, but I just don’t believe that God will do this without any input from me.  I don’t think that He will just snap his fingers and Poof, it will be gone.  I believe that He expects ME to do some work — along with Him — in order to resolve this problem.  I just don’t know what kind of work I must do.

Eight years of psychotherapy has not resolved it. That’s a fact.  Personal study has not resolved it.  That’s another fact.  Medication has not resolved it.  Yep, another fact. Prayer hasn’t been the answer, either.  So, what is the answer?  As I have been told, I will live with this for the rest of my life.  I will have periods of time when I am able to hold my depression at bay, and there will be other times when it will rage.  It is up to me to find those coping mechanisms that will allow me to function during those raging times.

As I sit here and type these words, a thought keeps running through my mind.  That thought is that perhaps Faith IS the answer during those raging times.  Perhaps those times are when I am expected to use my Faith in the belief that while God will not remove my depression, He will give me the Peace to function.  Is that the answer?  Is that what I am lacking?  Is it that during those terrible times, I just have not “turned it over to God”?  Am I looking for some magical or Godly cure of having my depression disappear when I should be looking for Peace — that Peace that only He can give to me during those times of rage?   Perhaps the work that I think I must do is actually as simple as my choosing to put my Faith into action.  Perhaps I can simply believe that through my depression, God is showing me my worth.  Maybe this is how He is letting me see that I am here for a reason.  Maybe He is letting me use my depression to open up to others. Maybe He is using this to show me that I am truly loved.

Hmmmmm…….I have a lot to think about.


THOUGHTS ABOUT MY THOUGHTS:  Isn’t it funny when we struggle looking for some huge, deep reason as to how or why something happens when it’s really quite simple?  I think that I think far too much.

TODAY’S FEELINGS BAROMETER:  It’s been a great weekend and I’m still riding on a high.

~~~ Betty

3 thoughts on “Is Faith the Answer?”

  1. Lots of unhelpful things are said to Christians with depression – “give it up to God” and “he won’t let you be tested more than you can cope with” and especially, “if you truly trust God, you won’t be depressed”. Some folk are well-meaning, and many more are just naive – personally speaking, I’ve found it most helpful when other Christians have just said “yeah it sucks and it hurts; let’s pray for strength to get through the next hour”.
    We don’t know exactly why God allows us to suffer – why some of us are trapped in unhealthy thought patterns, or why others can’t break the cycle of eating disorders or self-harm. But he does promise right through the Bible to be alongside when we do. And even if we are never truly ‘recovered’ from our experiences, we can learn from them and put them to use in raising awareness and helping others.
    I liked reading about your disassociation experiences – it’s so rare to find people willing to open up about it, as it sometimes sounds weird or freaky – I pray you continue to share your joys and sorrows for God’s glory!


    1. Your comment about unhelpful things said to Christians with depression — so very true. I know they mean well, truly I do. But, it is like a stab in the heart when someone says, “Give it to God. He will remove your depression.” I think it boils down to the fact that “non-depressed people” just have NO CLUE. And that’s not entirely their fault. If you don’t know what’s wrong, it’s absolutely impossible to help. I just pray each day that they take the time to learn about depression.

      For most of my life, I kept my disassociation experiences a secret. I would have NEVER told anyone that I could easily disassociate because as you said, it sounds freaky. I remember the first person I told that I could fly just looked at me and said, “Hmmmm…OK.” It was only later that he asked me what I had meant by that. After my explanation I thought he understood until a bit later when he cracked some “joke” about whether I had flown off. Not funny. But, if I am truthful with myself, I must admit that I used flying away and floating away as a means to protect myself even, or more surprisingly, as a young child. It was what I had to do to survive the experience. And, it allowed me to “see” places in my mind that I will never get to see in person so I’m thankful for that. Sometimes I’ve seen pictures of places where I’ve never been, but I know I’ve seen those places before. That spooked me out for a while, but now I think it’s a blessing. I do know, though, that I should have flown and floated more than I did as a child and young teen. Perhaps my heart would not be as full of fear and self-recrimination had I just flown off.

      Thank you, JR, for the kind words. My prayers go out to you, also.


      1. Surviving.. a horribly bleak phrase, yet I know what you mean (and that’s not an empty phrase; I am an ‘abuse survivor’ too).
        The Lord allows some to suffer and others not to. I am glad you pray for understanding for those who you can tell don’t ‘get’ it… It’s not easy!

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