Depression, Mental Health

Today’s Net Finds

I have been spending time following blogs by others who are dealing with depression.  I found a couple of interesting items today on the net that I thought I’d share with you.  The first is a post on  The Thinkers Paradise  that I thought was worthy of sharing.  It does not include writing, but, for me, writing has become an important piece of my healing.  Below that you will find a YouTube video that I found to be quite enlightening.  It so clearly states those things that depression sufferers want you all to know.

The Thinkers Paradise

Depression has been a serious health concern that is taken lightly or ignored most often. Most of us go through this phase or witness others, and I feel there is nothing shameful about it as, it’s just another passing period in life. But, it can be proved jeopardous if proper care and attention is not […]

via 7 Ways to Battle Depression — The Thinkers Paradise

YouTube Video

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